Accounting Reports

Click the Report drop-down arrow in the ribbon to access accounting reports.

Claim Adjustment Reason Code (CARC) Usage

The CARC Usage report is useful for identifying your most common reasons for claim adjustments from payers. The report is grouped by code (with totals after each code group), then by patient, then by charges.

To run the CARC report:

  1. Click the Reports drop-down arrow and select "Claim Adjustment Reason Code Usage".
  2. In the Criteria column on the left, select your report criteria (Posted Date, Claim Adjustment Reasons, Adjustment Codes and Payers.)
  3. Click Run.

The report criteria filters appear to the left of the report area. You can hide the column by clicking Hide.

To view the criteria column again, click Filters.

To rerun the report with different criteria, select the criteria and click Reload.

Toolbar Options

The report viewing area contains many options in the toolbar for printing, viewing, and annotating the reports.