Logging In to MyChiroTouch

To launch MyChiroTouch, open your web browser and type www.mychirotouch.com into the address bar. Log in to MyChiroTouch by typing your client ID and password.


NOTE:  Your password is included in the welcome email you received after purchasing ChiroTouch. You can change this password after you log in to MyChiroTouch for the first time.

Your client ID is a four-number code preceded by up to four letters. If you do not know your client ID, open ChiroTouch Front Desk or the CT Launcher. Your client ID appears in the upper left corner of these screens.

CT Launcher Access

If you are already logged into the Launcher, a very convenient shortcut for logging in to your MyChiroTouch account is to select CT Services to find the MyChiroTouch icon. Clicking this opens a new browser tab or window, and logs you in automatically.

MyChiroTouch is a constantly updating resource, so be sure to check back frequently for new additions!